Here’s the best F-15 flight sim

The best F-15 flight simulation is Lock On: Modern Air Combat. This flight sim allows you to fly eight different fighter jets, including the F-15.

Another flight sim where you can fly the F-15 is X-Plane 10. This flight simulator has better graphics than Lock On, but it doesn’t allow you to fire missiles or engage enemy aircraft for the full fighter pilot experience. You will have to install the following add-on to use the F-15 in X-Plane.

The Best F-16 Flight Simulator Game

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is the USAF’s premier multi-role fighter jet. Capable of air-to-air missions as well as ground attack and bombing operations, the F-16 is the workhorse of an air campaign. F-16’s flew thousands of sorties during the Gulf War, operations in the Balkans, and the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. F-16’s are fast, maneuverable, and adept at dogfighting – the F-16 can handle 9G’s of turning force, making them one of the most agile fighter jets in existence. F-16’s can carry 6 air-to-air missiles, including the AIM-120 long range AMRAAM, and the AIM-9 heat-seeking Sidewinder missile. Radar capable of detecting threats 100 miles away, laser-guided smart bombs, Maverick Air-to-Ground missiles, and a 20mm automatic cannon round out the F-16’s fearsome capabilities.

F-16 Flight Sims

F-16’s are very popular; many flight simulations include them, and several focus on the F-16 entirely. The most well-known is Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, which is a hardcore, 100% realistic simulation of exactly what it’s like to fly an F-16 in combat. Another way to play Falcon 4.0 is to download this version of the game and then use the Benchmark Sims addon for improved graphics and realism.

If you want a less extreme simulation, you can fly the F-16 in Flight Simulator X with the F-16 Fighting Falcon addon. A fun, but not very realistic F-16 flight sim is Ace Combat: Skies Unknown, an arcade-style game which is very entertaining to play, although hardcore flight sim pilots may turn up their nose at it.

The Best Flight Simulator Games to Fly Any Plane in the World

Here it is, the definitive list! Every plane you could ever dream of, there’s a flight sim where you can fly it. Click the plane name in the list to see the simulations which include it. Some planes have multiple games completely dedicated to them. In these cases, I’ll compare the available flight sims and help you choose which one to get. I’ve played many of these games personally, and talked with people from all over the world who’ve played the others.

I am adding to this list every day. Check back tomorrow and you’ll find 20 more planes on the list! 🙂

Modern Era Fighter Jets

F-4 Phantom

F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-15 Eagle

F-15E Strike Eagle

Modern Era Bombers

B-1B Lancer

B-47 Stratoget

B-58 Hustler

Other Modern Era Military Planes (Transports, AWACS, Spy-planes)

KC-135 Stratotanker

Modern Era Commercial Planes

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

Early Commercial Planes

Douglas DC-3

World War II Fighters

P-47 Mustang

World War II Bombers

B-25 Mitchell

Other World War II Planes (Transport, Gliders, Reconnaissance)

Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Dakota)

World War I Planes

Airco D.H.2

Airco D.H.4

Albatros D.II

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.Va

Brandenburg W12

Breguet 14.B2

Bristol F2B (F.II)



Felixstowe F.2A

Fokker D.VII

Fokker D.VIIF 

Fokker D.VIII

Fokker Dr.I

Fokker E.III

Gotha G.V

Halberstadt CL.II

Halberstadt D.II

Handley Page 0-400

Hanriot HD.1

Nieuport 11.C1

Nieuport 17.C1

Nieuport 28.C1

Pfalz D.IIIa

Pfalz D.XII


Roland CIIa 


Sikorsky S-16

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Dolphin 

Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Triplane

SPAD 13.C1 




Looking for a B-58 Flight Simulator Game?

The B-58 is one of the coolest planes ever made in my opinion. It was the first bomber of the jet age that cracked the Mach 2 barrier (that’s twice the speed of sound.) Amazingly it still holds the World Record for fastest flight from Tokyo to London at 8 hours, 35 minutes, 20.4 seconds.

You can fly the B-58 in combat in Strike Fighters 2 with this mod installed. If you prefer a more peaceful simulation of the B-58’s raw power, then you should buy Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and install Glowing Heat’s B-58 Add-on as seen here:

Convair B-58A Hustler in flight (S/N 59-2442). Photo taken on June 29, 1967. (U.S. Air Force photo)

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