Cool Sopwith Triplane flight sim

The Germans didn’t fly the only triplanes in World War One! The English had the Sopwith Triplane which you can fly in Rise of Flight. This is a great flight sim for the Sopwith Triplane because of the extreme level of realism balanced with a ton of heart-pounding fun as you dogfight with other aces in single player or multiplayer mode. Highly recommended!

A Sopwith Dolphin flight sim

The Sopwith Dolphin is one of the more interesting planes of World War One. Lesser known than its cousin the Sopwith Camel, the Dolphin is just as cool, in my opinion. It’s a little tricky to fly, and Rise of Flight simulates its interesting features in exact detail. Watch it fly below:

A Sikorsky S-16 flight sim

Here it is, Russia’s contribution to the Great War in the air, the Sikorsky S-16. Rise of Flight simulates this agile little biplane in perfect detail. It’s extremely realistic, and very VERY fun to fly and dogfight in. Video below:

Perfect S.E.5a flight sim

It’s hard to simulate the peculiarities of the S.E.5a correctly, but Rise of Flight nails it. Rise of Flight is already my favorite World War One flight sim by far, but their excellent S.E.5a addon just cements their reputation with me as the best! Words can’t describe it, just watch the video: